Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Vehicle Ceramic Coating or Also Known As  "Nano Coating".

  • 9H HardnessTo determine paint hardness, a hardness scale is used in the ceramic paint coating industry for cars.The "H" in 9H is the capacity of a coated surface to resist scratching to your vehicle's paint.The balance between hardness and flexibility is what is important.
  • Deep GlossThe difference between ceramic coating on a car and regular polish and wax is another level that is noticeable.The tough structure of high gloss and flexible coating is from the quality of superior cross linking abilities from what they call Condensed Nano - Bionic particles.Since to apply ceramic coating the right way requires full paint correction machine buffing beforehand.This alone also adds to the shine quality as the surface being so free of contaminants adds to the abilities of a vehicle ceramic coating.
  • HydrophobicWe have tried several vehicle ceramic coating companies when deciding which one we feel is the best quality and durability possible for our customers.The ceramic coating created a nanobionic ceramic technology is the best quality ceramic paint coating for our customers vehicles, it is important for us to self clean and dry the paint as much and long as possible.
  • Anti UVOur at home and mobile vehicle ceramic coating service will prevent this for 5 years and keep your prized possession fully protected to the max.If your car is older, the paint correction included will get it back to as best as the paint can be in defects, and then premium paint protection.If your car is brand new, now is the time for ceramic paint coating to be put on and keep your vehicle like new for 5 years without any needing for waxing.
  • Acid RainAcid rain is when the water on your car dries out shortly after being baked in sun.This often leads to damage to the clear coat if not protected.We see this all the time in our mobile detailing service,  many times it can be revived, but sometimes it could have been prevented by ceramic coating.If you value your car and like it nice, Acid Rain happens easily and also can cause severe damage to the paint work.Get vehicle ceramic coating before this happens and it will be much, much easier to maintain due to the Ceramic Coating's  self cleaning properties.
  • Ceramic Coating is Self CleaningThis sounds extreme but the difference between regular wax and paint sealant is incredible. Ceramic coating contains self-cleaning abilities not found in wax or sealants.
  • For five years your car will be very easy to keep clean.The dust will easily blow off instead of clinging on to the vehicle; dirt will rinse off very easily where it will usually take clay bar and paint protection to remove some heavily ingrained dirt.
  • Anti StaticAnti statics repel dust from your paint and are great to have included.Ceramic coating encompasses all these elements in working order.

How Much Does Your Vehicle Ceramic Coating Service Cost and What Is Needed From Me?

To apply Ceramic coating we will need your car to be in your home garage as no dust or contaminates should touch the car once prepped before it receives ceramic coating.

Prep work is very important and should not be tried by someone not experienced in detailing with vehicle ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating  (5 years)

Clay Bar treatment.

Paint Decontamination.

3 step paint correction.

Ceramic coating (5 YEARS)  Time Required: 5-9 hours (2-3 Detailers).

* The average life is up to 5 Years with one application depending on driving conditions and

your washing schedule, climate, and extreme driving conditions like Off Road driving.

Small/$899 Medium/$999

Large/$1099 XLarge/$1299

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