Does Your Vehicle Need A Headlight Restoration? With Ceramic Protection?

Nothing de-values your vehicle faster than having a pair of oxidized headlights on.

They are what people look at first before anything else.

If the headlights are oxidized, the vehicle does not look great. With that said,

getting it restored is one thing.

Getting it restored right is another thing.

Many cheap Do-It-Yourself Kits do not give you the long lasting result, assuming you have tried most of them before.

Is it about time to call a Professional Detailer?

Removing the Dead Clear Coat off the Headlights by Wet-Sanding:

It is important to do so because the Dead Clear Coat / Oxidation prevents any kind of protection from adhering to the surface to do its only job:

Protecting the Headlights from further Oxidation!

Compounding & Polishing the Headlights back to clarity
Preparing the Surface for proper bonding of UV Protection
Applying a Long Lasting Protection onto the Headlights:  Ceramic Coating.